Myth #10 – “The Democratic Party Is The Party of Racism and The Southern Strategy Never Happened.”

Have you been hearing something weird from Conservative pundits lately about “The Southern Strategy”?  Have they been saying “The Southern Strategy” never happened?  Or that “The Southern Strategy” is a lie pushed by Communists? Well, let me give you a quick list of things that have really happened in American History: 1.) The O.J. Simpson [...]

Myth #9: “Antifa is a Terrorist Organization and a Threat to Our Country.”

UPDATE: On July 27th, 2019, White Supremacist Santino Legan opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a crowd at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, killing three children and wounding twelve. He posted on social media that people should read a classic White Supremacist book entitled "Might Is Right" just prior to the shooting. [...]

Myth #8 – “Liberals Are Jealous Of Rich People Because They Are Successful. They Want To Take Their Money.”

Profit incentive is a powerful force.  It enables us to incentivize good in America, but it also allows us to incentivize evil. While many of us focus on the dangers of a powerful government, we must also recognize that oppression, brutality, and groupthink comes from the Private Sector as well. This brings us to Jeffrey [...]

Myth #7 – “Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Other Democrats Are Anti-Semites. The Democratic Party Condemns Anti-Semitism Only When The Right Wing Does It.”

Anti-Semitism is one of the most insidious, destructive forms of evil in the world, right?  It has one of the most repugnant, soulless, vicious histories of any form of racism.  So, it stands to reason that the Democratic Party should not only apologize but also remove Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from office immediately if [...]

Myth #6 – “Capitalism Is Superior To Other Economic Systems. It Has Raised The World’s Standard of Living.”

The “Capitalism Is Superior” argument goes like this: Capitalism sprang into being out of the mind of Adam Smith in 1787, and coincided with the birth of our Republic.  After that, millions of people in America got rich as all hell.  Then, all of that wealth started to filter out into the world from America [...]

Myth #5 – “America Is A Christian Nation!”

No one is arguing that Christianity can be, has been, will be a positive, constructive force in people’s lives.  It is when Christianity is wielded and manipulated for evil purposes that the true danger and horror of this authentically American Myth rears its ugly head. Nothing stirs more emotion, and fierce devotion, than our own [...]

Myth #4 – “Free Speech Is Under Attack At Our Universities.”

No.  No, that’s not true.  Here’s why: To begin with, the most notable and prominent group making this claim is a Conservative student organization called the “Young Americans Foundation,” or “YAF”.  YAF has membership spread across three hundred college campuses nationwide.  It has an annual operating budget of $20 million dollars and exists as a [...]

Myth #3 – Socialists Want Free Stuff and They Want YOU, A Hard-working Person, To Pay For It. Socialism Is An Attack On Our Freedom!

Anyone who works hard and earns a living wants to keep their money to spend on whatever they choose, right?  That is the definition of Freedom.  So, if someone says: “Socialists just want free stuff and they want you to pay for it” any rational person would get pissed off at a Socialist. It makes [...]

Myth #2: “Overturning Roe vs. Wade Will Protect The Lives of the Unborn”

I have noticed that very few people who argue strongly in favor of, or against, Roe vs. Wade have actually read the ruling.  As such, people typically do not know what they are fighting for or fighting against. The Right Wing spins the issue in favor of the rights of the unborn child.  The Left [...]

Myth #1: Andrew Breitbart Told The Truth

...he and his disciples expended more time, money and energy trying to control culture through politics than nearly anyone in recent memory.

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