A guy shoots up a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and says he did it for Donald Trump, to protect White America from extinction, and because White People are superior.  Therefore any decent American should condemn this as an act of terrorism, correct?   Yes.  We agree.

A guy shoots up a bar in Dayton, Ohio and says online that he supports Elizabeth Warren and believes in protesting the rise of Nazism in America – while he also spouts horrible misogyny and violent fantasies.  Therefore, any decent American should condemn this as an act of terrorism as well, correct?  Yes.  We agree.

But there is most assuredly a difference between these two acts of terrorism. Can you guess what the difference is?

The first act of terror was an act of terror for a really shitty, evil, fucked-up idea that needs to be destroyed inside of the minds of anyone who actually believes in it.

The second act of terror was an act of terror for a really awesome, amazing, completely morally justified idea that needs to be salvaged and encouraged inside of the minds of anyone who believes it.

Right now, Republicans are calling on Democrats to condemn Connor Betts for “Left Wing Terrorism”.   It is not “Left Wing”. It is not “Left Wing” to state that you despise Nazism and White Supremacy.  Opposition to Nazism and White Supremacy aligns with the inalienable rights and universal principles upon which our country was built.  It pays homage to having a U.S. Constitution that protects its citizens from despotism and champions egalitarianism.  The fact that Connor Betts killed innocent people does not suddenly render his ideas “Far Left”, nor does his misogyny for that matter.   The good ideas still represent the bedrock of our society.

The two actions are equivalent. But the two ideologies are not.

Incidentally, it also doesn’t matter that he claims Socialism as being a superior economic system.  That is because Socialism has nothing to do with culture, universal values, or religion – no matter how much the Right Wing claims that it does.  Socialism has no more to do with those things than Capitalism does.  

It is a system, nothing more, nothing less.  It is as meaningless as claiming that a hammer is “more moral” than a screwdriver.  They are different and fulfill different functions.

The Right Wing knows all of this but – even after domestic terrorists massacred dozens of innocent people with weapons of mass destruction this past weekend – the Right Wing will not admit it.

That is because, if they point out this inconsistency, their entire argument to prove “Liberal Hypocrisy” completely falls apart.  

It is a lie.  There are not too sides in this debate.   The ideas of the Dayton shooter and the Far Right shooter in El Paso are not in any way equivalent.   The Right Wing is lying.

The Right Wing wants to take the good, moral, upstanding, American ideas of “resisting fascism, Nazism and White Supremacy” and associate them with Connor Betts’ horrific, murderous act.   We must not allow them to do this.

The Right Wing is attempting to connect the ideas with the act of terrorism because The Right Wing is a champion of “destroying Cultural Marxism”.  Dozens of Republicans, Right Wing Pundits, and Far Right activists have said so on TV and in print.  As such, they are evil for championing this idea because “destroying Cultural Marxism” is an idea manufactured, whole cloth, by the Nazi Party in the 1920s and 30s (see post #11). Nazism requires hatred of “the other”.

Thus, the Dayton shooter, while being a grotesque, monstrous, evil individual, did not have an evil ideology behind him.   Resisting fascism is not an “evil” idea.  It is a good idea. Protesting “White Supremacy” is not an evil idea either.  That is also a good idea.

Being an advocate for Socialism?  That is neither an evil idea nor a good idea because it does not have anything to do with morality.

You don’t have to debate “both sides”.  There is no “both sides” in this discussion.

One side is lying to you and the other side is calling them out for that lie.  The Republicans are lying to you.  They know that the horrors of the Dayton massacre are not the exact same thing as the horrors of El Paso because there was no evil, Far Left ideology present.  

The Dayton shooting was evil…period. But the El Paso shooting? That was evil with an evil idea behind it.

That’s the difference.

Meanwhile, by denouncing the Democrats for calling out the evils of Far Right Ideology while not calling out the Dayton shooter for a Far Left Ideology (an ideology that was not present), the Republicans have succeeded in demonstrating, in stark relief, just how far they are willing to go to espouse an evil idea.

Conservatism is not evil.  But Republicans are no longer concerned with Conservatism.  They are concerned with Populism.  They are concerned with appealing to the people to “crush Cultural Marxism” – and that, ladies and gentlemen, is indistinguishable from full-blown Nazism. Advocating for “destroying Cultural Marxism” – the bedrock of Nazism – really is an evil idea and it really does need to be driven out of our public discourse.

The Republicans are evil now. 

Committing terrorism against Republicans?  Also evil.

But the reasons for wanting to stop them? Great ideas.

Those ideas are good.  They are moral.  They are Just.  They are the bedrock of our Democratic Republic.

Never forget what goodness and decency are.   Because evil people want to associate goodness and decency with the evil others commit.

Loving Jesus? Great idea. Killing for Jesus? Evil.

The Republican Party knows that.  They know that when an “Anti-Fascist” acts just like a “Fascist,” that doesn’t make Anti-Fascism just as evil as Fascism. And they also know that they support “destroying Cultural Marxism”. Therefore they know that they support Fascism.

All of this remains true even if an Anti-Fascist has a bizarre hatred of his schoolmates and women, just like Connor Betts’ did.

The current Republican Party knows what they’re doing.  They know that they’ve embraced an evil ideology. They’re doing it because, when a worldview is rejected in the marketplace of ideas, the only thing way to sustain that failed worldview is through demonization of a manufactured enemy and repeated, brazen, unadulterated lies. That is why we, as Americans, must come together to call them out for the Fascism, for the Racism, for the Nazism, and for the unbridled evil they are currently helping to support.

Any and all Conservatives are welcome to join the fight.  Some of you already have.

Because in the world of “Liberals” and “Conservatives” there really are two sides.  There really is a discussion to be had.  There really is a consensus to be built and compromises to be made.

But in the world of “Fascists” and “Anti-Fascists”? There is no compromise. There are no “two sides”. There is only one.

For the sake of our Republic, choose your side. And choose wisely.

Published by Thomas Paine

I'm the Father of the American Revolution and I can't stand "revealed religion".

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