Profit incentive is a powerful force.  It enables us to incentivize good in America, but it also allows us to incentivize evil. While many of us focus on the dangers of a powerful government, we must also recognize that oppression, brutality, and groupthink comes from the Private Sector as well.

This brings us to Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile.  He fucks little children.  He’s been fucking little children every single day for decades.  Sometimes he had sex with kids three or four times a day.

So, how did he get away with it for so long?   What was it that enabled Jeffrey “Kid-Fucker” Epstein to do what he did without any repercussions until just recently?

Simple: Jeffrey Epstein is Powerful.

He wields incredible Power.  All multi-millionaires and billionaires do.  And that power can incentivize people to do incredible acts of creativity and good will…and it can also incentivize people to commit unspeakable acts of Evil.

In this case, Jeffrey’s incredible power enabled him to have sex with children, threaten children, torture children, unchecked, without any fear of reprisal. 

Jeffrey Epstein had no fear of Justice.

Why?  Because he was a billionaire.  And, as a billionaire, he could incentivize the Justice System to do unjust things.

When Conservatives talk about someone with billions of dollars, they usually refer to that person as “Successful”.

When Liberals talk about someone with billions of dollars, they usually refer to that person as “Powerful”.

Now look at the Epstein case. Liberals are not “jealous” of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Success”.

Liberals are critical of Jeffrey Epstein’s POWER.

Likewise, Liberals are not “jealous” of a billionaires’ “Success”.

Instead, Liberals are critical of a billionaires’ Power.

They’re critical of that power because that’s how Jeffrey Epstein got away with it.

This multi-billionaire hedge fund manager didn’t get away with molesting hundreds of children because he’s “Successful”.  No. This billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, was able to molest hundreds of children for years because he’s Powerful.

That’s the difference.

How do you think he managed to keep literally dozens upon dozens of people quiet for so long?  He paid them. He “incentivized” them to keep quiet.  And if they didn’t take his money?  Then he’d pay other people to threaten them. He could pay people to ruin their lives.

Jeffrey Epstein had virtually unlimited funds to do that. 

That’s Power.

And when the sonofabitch finally got caught?  He hired the most powerful attorneys in the world to defend him.

That’s Power.

That’s how you wield Power for Evil purposes.

Liberals don’t give a shit about your money.  But what Liberals DO give a shit about, is when someone gets so much money that the laws of the United States no longer apply to them.

Who enforces those laws?  The individual States and The Federal Government. Local Law Enforcement and the FBI.

Who makes sure they enforce those laws?  WE DO.  The American People.

Liberals want a check-and-balance to all of that incredible power because that’s what the American People demand of them.  The American People want a check on that sickening amount of Power.  From there, it’s a constant battle against the most powerful people in the world and the necessity to check their power.

These children were molested for decades because there was almost no check on Epstein’s power.  Epstein was best friends with Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, a bevy of major CEOs, and Harvard Law School attorneys.

They could’ve talked.  Maybe some of them didn’t want to talk or didn’t care. After all, they are all extremely powerful, too. But one thing is certain: Epstein could afford to pay all of them to keep them quiet, or pay someone to threaten their lives.

When he finally got into trouble for fucking all of those kids, what did he do?  He called up his friend Acosta, the most powerful prosecutor in New York City at the time. Then, he pushed some money across the table to Acosta and Epstein issued his demands.

Epstein demanded to get the absolute minimum sentence from Acosta.  Then he demanded that he be able to work from home.  After that?  He demanded that law enforcement leave him alone.

Just think about that.  Think about that level of power.  Acosta was paid millions of dollars, gave him the deal, made sure he could work from home, and then Epstein was left alone.  He was left alone to keep on molesting kids. 

Again, that’s not “Success”.  That’s “Power”.

Yet, for some god-awful reason, Conservatives tend to call people like Epstein “Successful” instead of “Powerful”.  You’ll also notice the rhetorical sleight-of-hand that tends to happen whenever the super-powerful person in question is either a moral, upstanding citizen or a criminal monster:

If the powerful person is good, then Conservatives label them as a “Job Creator” and tend to claim them as their own.

If the powerful person is bad, then Conservatives label them as “Elites” and say that Liberals created them.

Most importantly, Conservatives like to describe the attempts to audit people like Epstein – the investigations, regulations, increased worker protections, oversight of their activities, collecting of taxes – as some kind of cash-grab for jealous Liberals.

It’s bullshit. Liberals don’t want to take people’s money.  Most of them don’t give a shit about your money.

No, what Liberals want is for people with money to be held accountable for their actions.

And our Government, like it or not, is one of the few stopgaps the American People have to hold these people accountable.  Without it, innocent people get hurt, again and again.

Can Liberals be super-rich and pay people to keep quiet about crime? Absolutely. But what we’re dealing with here is an attitude, a culture, and a means of manipulating people. And that is most often achieved by telling people “You’re questioning my power and my motives? Well, guess what: you’re just jealous of my success.” It’s a rhetorical tactic, it’s propaganda, and Conservatives everywhere need to stop it quickly if they want to cling to the last vestiges of their dignity. They need to support the regulatory mechanisms, the oversight, the workers’ protections, the wage negotiations and everything else Liberals fight for when it comes to checking the Powerful.

You wanna discuss the fine details of that? Fine. But for the sake of our children, and for the love of our country, don’t just dismiss it all as “Jealousy”.

People are actually suffering and dying because of that dismissiveness and Epstein is the ultimate example.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is either evil, stupid, or just another asshole that’s been paid by a Powerful person.

So, the next time someone tells you that Liberals are “just jealous” of someone with a lot of money, drill this message into their thick skulls:

Liberals want to make sure that people aren’t getting away with criminal behavior just because they’re rich.

Liberals are trying to make sure that powerful people don’t buy off Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Alex Acosta and (yes), Donald Trump.  They don’t want Bill Clinton, Hillary and the rest of them to become too powerful. They don’t want them to buy off the criminal justice system.  They don’t want them to pay some thug to threaten your daughter, so that she too will remain silent.

That’s what Liberals want.  And, quite frankly, most Conservative voters want that, too.

They don’t want your money.  They don’t want you to be poor.

They just want you to know: that if you are rich?  Then you’d better not hurt people and think you can get away with it.

That’s not “Jealousy”.

That’s called “Justice”.

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I'm the Father of the American Revolution and I can't stand "revealed religion".

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