UPDATE: On July 27th, 2019, White Supremacist Santino Legan opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a crowd at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, killing three children and wounding twelve. He posted on social media that people should read a classic White Supremacist book entitled “Might Is Right” just prior to the shooting.

Do you think Antifa is a dangerous, Far Left terrorist organization?

Well, today’s your lucky day.  Because this post is justforyou.

Let’s play a little trivia game:

What do Timothy McVeigh, Anders Brevik, Jeremy Christian, Alexandre Bissonette, Robert Bowers, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, Cesar Sayoc, and James Field all have in common?

They have all stated, via lengthy manifestos, that they hate and want to destroy anyone who supports:

 1.) Multiculturalism. 

2.) Liberalism/Leftism.

3.) Socialism.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Well, I’d agree with you except that all of these people were so dedicated to destroying these ideas that they went out and butchered dozens of innocent civilians, including women and children.

Well…not James Fields, Jeremy Christian, and Cesar Sayoc.  James just killed one woman and Jeremy just killed two.  And Cesar? He only mailed pipe bombs to the homes of Robert Dinero, Tom Steyer, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and the headquarters of CNN on October 15th, 2018 – all of which failed to detonate and kill dozens of people. So, ya know…no biggee there.

But the rest?  Massive Casualties.

And all of those activitists stated, in person and in print, that they did it in the name of “The White Race”, for “Freedom” and to “save Western Civilization”.

Does that mantra sound familiar?  It should.  It should sound just as familiar as the phrase “Liberals are intolerant” because it came from the same place: every single Republican in office right now, and every single Neo-Nazi, Far Right website.

Christian, in particular, after stabbing two people to death on a train in Oregon for being “pro-Muslim” proudly crowed during his arraignment “You call it ‘Terrorism’.  I call it ‘Patriotism’.”

That’s right.  Killing two innocent people – a father and son visiting for the holidays – was “Patriotism”.

Every one of these scumbags was a highly-public, avowed Far Right Nationalist, White Supremacist and/or Neo-Nazi.  All claimed that there was a “Great Replacement” going on, which is a reference to the Nazi idea that Jews and Minorities are plotting to take all of their jobs away and enslave them.  All vowed to destroy anyone with Liberal views that were too Far Left.

And all of them spent every single day, for hours on end, posting to Far Right Social Media boards, Far Right websites, and reading Breitbart News. Each attended Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist marches several times a year.

Well, except for Timothy McVeigh. Timothy is the “Oklahoma City Bomber”. Social Media wasn’t around when he killed 168 people via a truck bomb, including a number of infants, in 1995. He also said his mission was to “end Socialism” and “bring Freedom to America”.

McVeigh was another self-described “warrior for Freedom”.

And Cesar Sayoc? The guy who mailed out pipe bombs across the country? Well, he didn’t really have a manifesto, per se. He only had a van that was completely covered, from front to back, with stickers of President Trump’s face, campaign slogans, and the phrase “Fake News”. He mailed his pipe-bombs to all of those critics of Trump the exact same week Trump went on a lengthy tirade on TV, and on Twitter, talking about how CNN was “Fake News”. If he’d succeeded, dozens of people (perhaps as many had died under McVeigh’s attack) would have been killed.

It’s worth noting that Sayoc’s attack was foiled by the FBI the same week that Trump tweeted, yet again, about how the FBI was full of “liars”.

Which brings us to those Far Left terrorists who have also butchered dozens of innocent civilians.

Oh, wait.  You can’t name any, can you?  No.  You can’t.

Ya know why?  Because there aren’t any.

That’s never happened. Ever. Ever in the history of The United States.

The closest thing to Far Left terrorism was carried out in 1973 when a Vietnam Vet and founder of the “Symbionese Liberation Army” (S.L.A.), Joe Remiro, shot and killed the School Superintendent of Oakland, CA, Marcus Foster. Foster’s assistant, Robert Blackburn, was also shot but survived. His murder was in protest of the Vietnam War and misguided ideas about IDs in the Oakland school system. But, like all acts of terror, the ends in no way justified the means.

The S.L.A. wasn’t Antifa, of course, because Antifa wasn’t around then. But, because they acted in protest of the Vietnam War, the S.L.A. was certainly considered “Far Left” at the time. Marcus Foster was an innocent civilian and a good man. His murder by those Far Left extremists should certainly never be forgotten.

But keep in mind: that was one person. One person. One person compared to hundreds killed by Far Right terrorists. And he was killed almost fifty years ago. Aside from this single murder, there really haven’t been any “Far Left” terrorists anywhere that have murdered anyone in the United States.

Which brings us back to Antifa. Two days after the initial draft of this post, Antifa member Willem Von Spronson stormed an ICE facility to protest the deaths of several children that had been held in a detainment facility. He was armed with a rifle and several incendiary devices which he hurled at a commercial-sized propane tank in an attempt to cause an explosion. ICE officials gunned him down before he was able to blow up the propane tank. Earlier that day, Von Spronson published a manifesto stating that was was “waging war against Fascism”.

So, there. There you go. There’s a “Far Left Antifa Attack”. But prior to Von Spronson? There hadn’t been any form of “Far Left” terrorist activity in this country for nearly fifty years.

And Von Spronson had been firing at empty vehicles in the parking lot just prior to being shot and killed by local police.

In spite of this marked disparity in the quantity and quality of “terrorism,” guess who keeps saying that Antifa (which stands for “Anti-Fascist”) is a pressing, imminent threat to America? 

Yep.  You guessed it. Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists. They keep repeating that message over and over again (in classic “Joseph Goebbels” fashion) in public and on Far Right websites. Hell, the list of pundits Alexandre Bissonnette cites, just by itself, is a who’s-who of Far Right extremism. His is an ugly grocery list of how much content is out there for the fledgling Far Right Terrorists of the world.

Bissonnette gunned down six people, including women and children, in January of 2017. You can check out the “Daily Stormer” and “Breitbart” for a taste of the steaming bullshit they were shoveling into the trough the day he went on his killing spree.

But in the real world?  Antifa hasn’t killed anyone.  Aside from Von Spronson’s death (which was arguably a suicide-by-cop), Antifa hasn’t even put anyone in the hospital.

Well…that’s not quite true. Antifa aren’t exactly pacifists. Since 2015, there have been several skirmishes between Antifa and White Supremacists.  During each melee, Antifa allegedly started physical confrontations with Nazis and/or White Supremacists.  So there’s that.

The largest such skirmish occurred at a march called “Unite The Right” in Charlottesville, North Carolina.

You’ll notice it was not called “Unite The Left”.

During the Charlottesville march, some Antifa members threw bottles of urine (gross!) at the Nazis who had shown up chanting “Jews will not replace us!”, carrying signs with pictures of people in Nordic helmets, and wielding makeshift weapons.  As a result, a huge brawl broke out involving pepper-spray, baseball bats and shields brandished by all. 

For a moment, all seemed lost.

But then, a ray of hope broke through the clouds! One kind-hearted, levelheaded Neo-Nazi mowed down a dozen people in his car, killing a thirty-year-old woman, before fleeing the scene.

Oh.  Fuck.  Well, I guess that guy was also a scumbag terrorist just like Anders Brevik, Timothy McVeigh, Robert Browers, Cesar Sayoc, Alexandre…yeah.  I get sick of repeating the list of Far Right terrorists. Ya know…because it’s actually a pretty long list for a list of domestic terrorists with hundreds of kills.

Did I mention the McVeigh bombing? And Sayoc’s pipe bombs? Has Antifa even come close to that level of mass murder?

To be fair, in addition to Von Spronson’s attack on July 13th, 2019, and the senseless murder of Marcus Foster forty-five years earlier, there were a slew of bombings in the 1960s and 70s to protest the Vietnam War. Again, those can be considered “Far Left”. One bomb accidentally went off in the builder’s apartment while he was making it, killing three of his friends.  That group was “The Weather Underground” and, like Joe Remiro and the “SLA”, it became synonymous with the worst of the anti-War movement. Richard Nixon called it an act of “Terrorism”, which it was.   That bomb-builder is employed now as a professor in Chicago. Two years prior to the Presidential race in 2008, that man met and spoken with former President Barack Obama about it.

Conservatives at the time claimed that Obama’s meeting with the man indicated his tacit consent of terrorism.

In spite of the politics of it, those extremist activities do certainly paint an ugly picture. After all, Von Spronson’s recent attack doesn’t cast “Anti-Fascism” or “Far Leftism” in any sort of positive light.

But “Far Right” Terrorism?  Far Right Terrorism has also been around for a long, long, long time – much longer than any form of “Leftist” terrorism. It is also far more active and far more aggressive. And it needs to stop. All one needs to do is consider the burning, and bombing, of Black churches in the South by KKK members during the same time period as the anti-War bombings I mentioned earlier to get some perspective on what a real “threat” is. Those KKK members, too, said they were trying to “save America”.

These were the same KKK members, by the way, who defected from the Democratic Party during this period because they claimed Democrats weren’t “Conservative” enough. If you count the KKK as a Right Wing terror organization then, rest assured, no other domestic terror group even comes close.

I haven’t even mentioned the dozens upon dozens of beatings, synagogue burnings, mosque burnings, synagogue defacement and Jewish grave vandalizing that occurred just within the past year. Those weren’t “Antifa”. Those weren’t “Stalinists” or “Lefitsts”. No. Those were Far Right Nationalists. And every one of their attacks were done in the name of stamping out “Leftism”, Multiculturalism” and “Socialism”. You can go online, read all of the graffiti, and read all of their shiny new manifestos for yourself.

In comparison, you’ve gotta admit: aside from Von Spronson? Antifa seems markedly unmotivated. There hasn’t even been one bomb.

Not even a march.

Which brings me to another interesting detail:  Antifa never marches.

They’ve never held a “Unite The Left” rally.  They’ve never held any rallies to help support, say, “Stalinism” or “Leftism”.  They never march in the name of “stopping the replacement of non-White People”.  This, along with killing men, women and children, is also something they never do.

So when do these so-called “terrorists” show up?  When, indeed, do they make an appearance and scare people?

You guessed it!  They only show up when Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are around, or (in the case of Von Spronson) when they believe children are being left in cages to die.

That’s it.  That’s the only time they show up.  That’s the only time they really show up with their silly-string, bottles of urine, and body-armor – all of which are designed to deflect whatever comes their way from the other side…from the Fascists. 

And what the Fascists bring is the real hardware.

That’s another Fun Fact for you “Patriots” to choke on: Fascist groups, during nearly every one of their rallies, have open-carried.  Sometimes they’ve open-carried automatic weapons.  But Antifa?  Antifa has bottles of urine.

You don’t believe me?  Check out the coverage of that Charlottesville rally.  Watch as one Antifa member lights a can of hairspray on fire to back away several armed White Supremacists only to have one of them fire on the crowd with his hand gun.

Aside from Von Spronson trying to protest children dying in cages inside of an ICE facility, Antifa hasn’t done shit.

Antifa doesn’t have a dedicated, 24-hour news network that beams “Pro-Antifa” messages around the world.

Antifa doesn’t have representatives in the Federal Government defending them, supporting their ideology, and protecting their interests.

Antifa doesn’t have billions of dollars in funding and an international business network that works round-the-clock to put Antifa members in power in governments around the world.

Just ask Marine Le Penn in France or Matteo Salvini of Italy how they feel about Neo-Nazis. They’ve been elected to the most powerful positions in government just this past year. Both of them proud, unrepentant, bonafide Fascists.

But Antifa? No Presidential Elections for them in Europe. No billionaire hedge fund managers coming to bolster their campaigns…because there are no “Antifa” Presidential campaigns.

No.  99.9% of the time, all Antifa has is their stupid water bottles, their signs, and their willingness to give and take a punch. That’s it.

They have nothing.  They have no money. Most of them are college kids and/or poor college drop-outs.

So why exactly does the Right Wing denounce them as an imminent threat to the United States?

Before you answer “Willem Von Spronson” keep one thing in mind: the Right Wing have been calling Antifa terrorists ever since September, 2017, when they first protested a Neo-Nazi rally in California.

No one was hurt.

No one died.

They broke some windows. That was it.

They didn’t bomb anything. They didn’t commit mass murder. What they staged was literally a counter-protest against actual Fascists.

And yet, weeks before Von Spronson’s ICE raid, Conservative pundits had already gone out of their way to Antifa front-and-center. Even as we drew near to the two-year anniversary of the Charlottesville rally where Heather Heyer was killed, all the Conservative pundits were focused on was one topic: Antifa.

And we owe Conservatives’ rapt attention to a single event: on June 29th, Antifa members punched this guy named Andy Ngo.  You might’ve heard Andy’s name a lot lately. He works for Quillette – a Far Right-friendly platform not unlike Breitbart.  Andy marched alongside some White Supremacists, documenting their march.  Then he documented Antifa, and he kept getting in their faces with his camera.  One of them (quite wrongfully) punched Andy in the face and he made sure to tell his brave story to the whole wide world.

That was it. That was all that happened.

After over a dozen massacres performed by White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis in the past eight years, dozens of defaced synagogues and Jewish graves, and scores of attacks on Jews and people of color by White Supremacists across the United States over the past few months, what did little Andy Ngo tell the whole world about “Domestic Terrorism”?

He told them that Antifa is the radical terrorist organization posing an imminent threat to America, accusing them of being far more violent than Right Wing protesters.

This was two weeks before the Von Spronson incident. And Von Spronson himself was the only casualty.

Prior to that? Antifa broke the windows of a bank and a Starbucks during a protest against Neo-Nazis at University of California, Berkeley.

Most assuredly, broken windows and a raid on an ICE facility are illegal, violent activities.

But “more violent”? Did they really, truly pose an “imminent threat” to national security? Are they “just as Fascist” as or even “more Fascist” than the Far Right?

When Anders Breivik slaughtered seventy-seven schoolchildren on July 22nd, 2011 in Norway (explaining that he did this as a protest to “save Western Civilization” and “end Multiculturalism”) then gave a Nazi salute during his trial, it staggers the imagination how anyone, anyone could claim that “Far Leftism” is even remotely close to that level of extremism.

Willem Von Spronson, although arguably a terrorist, didn’t attack people.

He attacked property. He shot at empty cars.

That’s the difference

Breaking windows isn’t the same as butchering eleven people in a synagogue.

Throwing a bottle of urine at someone in a Nazi uniform isn’t the same as blowing up a Federal Building and killing a dozen infants in a nursery.

And shooting at empty cars and throwing a molotov cocktail at a propane tank on the exterior of a building isn’t the same as mowing down seventy-seven schoolchildren.

To draw such comparisons and call them equivalent is sickeningly disingenuous. It represents the worst of the worst of false patriotism.

Anyone, anyone who points to Antifa and tries to claim that they are more of a threat to our country than any Far Right group needs to look in the mirror and realize just how desperate and morally disfigured they have become.

Seventy-seven school children butchered by a “Patriot” trying to “save Western Civilization” wanted you to know that.

Oh, and Andy?  Andy Ngo?  You can take the flower-print band aid off of your eye now and go out to wallow with the rest of the piglets.

It is, after all, still a free country – no thanks to Breitbart, Fox News, The Blaze, and the Daily Wire.

And certainly no thanks to you.

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I'm the Father of the American Revolution and I can't stand "revealed religion".

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