We’re approaching the end of Trump’s third year in office. 

Do you have a new job and higher wages?  Are you able to pay your bills on time?  Good.   I can honestly say that I expected that to happen and I knew his economic policy was going to work.

Now: let me read the fine print to you.  Now that you have a job and higher wages, let me tell you exactly what you signed up for.  Let me tell you what you really bought into.  

Because, now that you’re on board, you are screwed for good.

While you were wiping away the tears of your snowflake, Liberal friends, and watching as more Americans than ever show earnest respect to our Veterans and our American Flag, and pay down some debt, the Republican Party made a very subtle, but very drastic shift in their economic policy.

It was a shift so subtle that you probably didn’t even notice.  In fact, almost nobody noticed.  Not even the dreaded “Mainstream Media” noticed. 

Do you know what changed?  No?  Here it is:

Republicans stopped telling voters to support “Fiscal Conservatism” and started telling them to support “Economic Nationalism”.

And that is a big, big, big difference in policy-making and it’s going to bite you in the ass so bad you and your kids will wish you were never born.  Trust me: your own children are going to spit in your face when all is said and done.

Allow me to explain:

“Economic Nationalism” is not the same as “Fiscal Conservatism”.  

Fiscal Conservatism advocates for reigning in government spending and curtailing regulations in order to stimulate the economy in the private sector. 

Economic Nationalism, on the other hand, doesn’t care about “Fiscal Conservatism” or even “Fiscal Liberalism”.  That is because Economic Nationalism doesn’t have anything to do with economics at all.

So, what is Economic Nationalism?

Perhaps Economic Nationalism is best explained by quoting one of the leading literary figures of the early 20th century who pioneered it:

“We must go to ourselves, we must, we must, we must.  Otherwise the forces of rejuvenation will be diverted from Germany and will be swept away. And when we are completely finished, there certainly will never be any help for the world.”

Those are the famous words of the protagonist of Hans Grimm’s landmark novel “Volk Ohne Raum” written in 1926.  The translation of the title is “People Without Space” and it became the philosophical basis for Germany’s tumultuous break from the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.

The message of Grimm’s novel was simple: a nation must have a space that is suitable for the survival of its people.  Under the Treaty of Versailles, Grimm and much of the German intelligentsia of the late 1920s reasoned that Germany’s “Lebensraum” (meaning “Living Space”) had been eroded. They claimed that a form of economic warfare was being unjustly waged against the German People by an international clique of plutocrats who ruled over the rest of Europe, a group they referred to as “Internationalists”. They denounced the Treaty as being “Internationalist” in nature and a violation of Germany’s God-given right to have a sovereign country and its own “Living Space”.

They considered Lebensraum a much more Just and moral system than any sort of multi-lateral, international negotiation.  They also claimed that all European countries had the same God-given right to their own distinct, well-defined Lebensraum, determined by the size of their population and their people’s ability to produce within well-defined boundaries; that all countries had a God-given right to the soil upon which they stood, and the product of their blood, sweat and tears; that no other country had the right to infringe upon that sacred territory; that if anyone dared tread upon one’s own land, then the country that had trespassed could expect to be annihilated by the violated country.

Grimm and his fellow Germans reasoned that because the Treaty of Versailles was a violation of that sacred boundary, all participating countries must compensate Germany for that violation.  Since such a negotiation proved to be impossible, they reasoned that almost the entirety of public funds should be diverted toward funding Germany’s military in order to defend Germany from the existential threat of “Internationalism”.

This was the official platform of the Nazi Party in 1926.

And once Adolf Hitler delivered these talking points to the German People, his rise to power was meteoric and absolute.

In 1926, the Nazi Party referred to violation of its sovereign borders and unfair multi-lateral agreements as “Internationalism”.

Today, our Republican Party refers to illegal immigration and multi-lateral trade agreements as “Globalism”.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Globalism and Internationalism are the exact same thing, referred to in the exact same way.

Just like Nazi Germany, Conservatives refer to anyone who supports “Globalists” as “The Enemy of the People”.  In order to defend America from “Globalists” the majority of government spending must be transferred to the military in order to defend the sovereign borders of the United States.

“But wait…what’s wrong with investing in the military and being patriotic?  Didn’t you say Economic Nationalism has nothing to do with economics?” you might ask.

That is correct.  And that is what makes Economic Nationalism – and “Nazism” – so incredibly subtle, efficient and lethal to any country that adopts it.  On the surface, it seems like a perfectly reasonable investment.

A country investing heavily in their military is certainly nothing immoral, per se, and certainly nothing new.  But it is the additional objective tacked on to that investment in National Security (wrapped up in its policies like warriors inside of a Trojan Horse) that makes Economic Nationalism so dangerous, and converts otherwise ordinary men and women into mass murderers.  Nearly every single Republican and every Conservative pundit talk about how this added objective will “save America” and “save Western Civilization”.

According to Conservatives, the cure for America’s ills is to “destroy Cultural Marxism”. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true purpose of Economic Nationalism: to “destroy Cultural Marxism”. 

Once you shift the focus away from military threats and begin to include cultural threats within the purview of the military, then your enemy becomes almost exclusively domestic.

That is the difference between “Fiscal Conservatism” and “Economic Nationalism”: Fiscal Conservatism is an economic program and Economic Nationalism is a cultural program.

And, because it is primarily a cultural program, Economic Nationalism and National Socialism are the exact same thing.

Their ideologies and their policies are identical.

There is no difference. They just have different names.

Remember: the Nazis just used the word “Socialism” because Socialism was popular to the German Labor Unions at the time. Once Hitler took power, he made those unions illegal. Under National Socialism, Hitler allowed for private enterprise, private ownership, and private profits – all of which are the absolute antithesis to Socialism. Hitler allowed for those things, but on the condition that corporations met with strict guidelines ensuring they adhered to the government’s cultural program.

We know all of this is true because, eighty years ago, Adolf Hitler told us that’s precisely what Economic Nationalism is for:  to “destroy Cultural Marxists”.  He even told his Party that his “Socialism” would be a different kind of Socialism, that he would to change it to be “indistinguishable from Nationalism.” He wrote about it in Mein Kampf.  He talked about it in cabinet meetings.  He shouted about “destroying Cultural Marxists” to masses of adoring Nazis.

That was the appeal to the German People in the 1920s and 30s: that in order to “save Germany” and to “save Western Civilization” the German People were going to have to “crush Cultural Marxism”.   Then, and only then, could Germany’s Lebenstraum be preserved within its borders.  It was how they justified rounding innocent civilians up off of the streets. 

Incidentally, it was this exact appeal that initiated the chant “Blood and Soil!  Blood and Soil!” at Nazi rallies.

And it was also this exact appeal that prompted Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, North Carolina to chant “Blood and Soil!  Blood and Soil!” two years ago.  Why?   Because Conservatives told them our country is under attack by “Cultural Marxists”.

Trump’s former White House Advisor, Steve Bannon, when giving a talk at a Conservative summit in Italy, informed the newly elected Conservative candidate he would help him to “destroy Cultural Marxism”.   The founder of the Alt-Right publication Breitbart news, Andrew Breitbart, said it was his sole mission to “crush Cultural Marxism”.  Andrew’s prodigy, Ben Shapiro, also wishes to “crush Cultural Marxism”.   Several Fox News pundits have mentioned “destroying Cultural Marxism”. Trump’s Chief Strategist, Steven Miller, has stated in public and in print that it is his desire to “destroy all Cultural Marxists”.

All of them claim our American Culture is under attack by Left Wingers who are trying to destroy our country’s culture via “Cultural Marxism”.  They claim that too many foreigners and refugees are trying to enter our country, that they will never assimilate, and will therefore destroy our culture.  They claim that Conservatives everywhere need to unite because they are “fighting a Culture War” against “Marxists” and “Leftists” and they need a strong leader like Donald Trump to help them do it.

Is providing defense at home and abroad the responsibility of our Federal Government?  Yes.

Is providing economic safeguards and sensible regulations also the responsibility of our Federal Government?  Yes.

But is managing American Culture the responsibility of our Government?  Hell no. That is none of the government’s business.

Not only is the government not supposed to control culture, but it is simply unable to do it. It can’t do it. No one can. And no one should.

Thanks to World War II, we as Americans know exactly what happens when a centralized government claims that it’s their business to influence, manage, and control its country’s culture.  You might recognize the name of the person in Nazi Germany whose sole job was to control Germany’s culture:  Joseph Goebbels.   Joseph Goebbels was responsible for overseeing “The Ministry of Culture”.   That was literally the name of his department.

Joseph Goebbels was also the one responsible for coining the term “Lugenpresse” which is German for “Lying Press” or (you guessed it) “Fake News”.

And that is the reason why anyone, anyone who questioned the motives or intentions of the Nazi Party was mocked in the public sphere and arrested. It was the reason the Nazi Party advocated in favor of State-run television and got it.

And it is also the reason why anyone who questions our current Administration in Washington, or criticizes Donald Trump, is called “Fake News”.

They do it because it works.  It worked in the 1930s and it works now. 

In fact, seventy years ago, Hermann Goering, head of Germany’s SS, said so during his war crimes trial in Nuremberg.

When a prosecutor at the trial commented that a Democracy in the United States is much different than the political structure in Nazi Germany, Goering answered:

“Oh, that is all well and good but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders.  That is easy.  All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.  It works the same way in any country.”

It works the same way in every country. Even ours.

Is Trump a Nazi? No. Not very likely. He’s a pitbull negotiator who’s there to get shit done. But his Chief Strategist, Stephen Miller? Stephen is a major proponent of “destroying Cultural Marxists”. Stephen is most definitely a Nazi.

So, it’s no coincidence that at a recent rally Trump declared that he is a “Nationalist” and “supports Economic Nationalism.” Stephen is the one responsible for writing Trump’s speeches and for helping to craft Trump’s messaging.

In the 1920s, we know when Hitler claimed his aim is to “destroy Cultural Marxism”, his brand of Economic Nationalism was no longer an economic program: it was a cultural program. 

And the German People supported that cultural program because they thought it was going to help them economically. In essence, it was a form of mass prostitution, a version of saying “I’ll get you a job, as long as you do something immoral.”

The “Volk Ohne Raum” author Hans Grimm even tried to oppose the Nazis after they began denouncing “Cultural Marxists”, asserting that their program was no longer about economics – but by then it was too late. By then, the German People firmly believed that opposing all “Cultural Marxists” and supporting Economic Nationalism was going to help them get jobs and help to raise their wages.

And it did.  It got people jobs.  It raised people’s wages.  People in Germany were able to buy new clothes, new cars, new homes, start families, and all with very little debt.  Overall, the German People were doing better economically than they had in roughly a hundred years.

But here (as we know in hindsight) is what they signed up for in order to get all of those jobs and higher wages: they had to take part in, or simply turn their back on, the slaughter of six million innocent civilians.  They had to support a government that rounded people up off the streets in the dead of night, loaded them onto trains, packed them into concentration camps, and then slaughtered them by the millions. In short, they had to support anyone who was deemed “authentically German” and attack anyone who was considered an enemy of “German Culture”.

They had to support Germany’s cultural program.

As long as they saluted the Nazi Flag, didn’t protest, didn’t march, and didn’t make a fuss then they could make a very, very good living and become upper-class people attending upper-class parties. And if they were in the military? Well, then they could become multi-millionaires. But if they did protest the government? Well, then it would be they who were unable to make a living, their families who were in danger, and their own lives on the line.

That was how Nazism worked. That is how it works today.

Is there a genocide going on in America right now?   No.   But is that the standard for avoiding a Fascist State? Does our standard consist of saying “Well, there hasn’t been a genocide yet.”? Because if that’s America’s measure for the morality of our country, then it is a ridiculously low standard.

Ask yourself seriously: do you ever really want us to get to that point? Because it can happen.

At the end of World War II, President Dwight D. Eisenhower had our soldiers order the German Civilians outside to view the mass graves just down the street from their houses. They were forced to view the hundreds of bodies of Jewish concentration camp victims, lined up on the sidewalks of their neighborhoods. The German civilians’ denial that they had completely ignored such an atrocity was so absolute, so powerful, that they refused to believe it was real until they were shown physically, in the flesh, where they could smell the rotting corpses. Prior to Eisenhower forcing them to view the mass graves, whenever a German citizen proposed that people were being murdered in the camps down the street, his friends and neighbors would call it “Lugenpresse”.

You might remember that term from earlier. It means “Fake News”.

Right now, you, as an average American, believe that most of America has difficulty getting higher wages, making ends meet, and paying down their debt because America is under attack by Marxists, Communists, and Left Wingers.

You don’t believe anything you see on the news.  When Donald Trump says “Fake News”, you believe him.   You believe anyone on Conservative News Media when they say that America is under attack by a “Deep State” consisting of an international group of plutocrats secretly controlling the government.  You believe Trump and Conservatives when they say “International economic policies” are the reason Americans are poor and unable to make ends meet. You believe that anyone who opposes Trump doesn’t care if terrorists come into the United States. 

Meanwhile, the Chief Strategist for the White House, Trump’s former campaign manager, and most Conservative pundits have stated in person, and in print, that they are champions of “Economic Nationalism” and want to “destroy all Cultural Marxists”.

Right now, in America, there is no difference between Conservatism and Nazism.  Conservatives no longer support Conservatism.  They support Nazism.

It’s the reason why Jeremy Joseph Christian stabbed two men to death on a train in Portland, Oregon after they told him to stop an anti-Muslim rant.  It’s the reason why, at his trial, Christian shouted “You call it terrorism!  I call it patriotism!”. 

Because that’s what Nazism does: it convinces you that your culture is under attack and that it is your sworn, patriotic duty to attack anyone who tries to destroy your culture.

It’s also the reason why anyone with half-a-brain cell and a cursory knowledge of history is freaking out right now. It’s the reason they so desperately want you to listen to them, very closely, very carefully, whenever you call them a “Crybaby Liberal” or a “Precious Snowflake”. It’s because there is a serious five-alarm fire going on right now and they need you to help them put it out.

There are no “two sides” to this debate. 

You are either supporting the Nazi Party in America or you are opposed to it.

At this point, you’re probably saying: “But wait…America supports Israel and there are many Jewish people who voted for Donald Trump!  His own son-in-law is Jewish!”

That’s correct.  And in Nazi Germany, when they referred to “Cultural Marxism” they called it “Jewish Cultural Marxism.”   Today, the only difference between “Cultural Marxism” and “Jewish Cultural Marxism” is that the word “Jewish” has been removed…to lure Jewish voters.

Thus, in Conservative circles, any Jew who supports “crushing Cultural Marxists” is celebrated as a patriot.  Incidentally, this is the reason why famous Jewish Conservatives like Ben Shapiro refer to Jews who don’t support the Republicans as “JINOs”, or “Jews In Name Only”.  

Think about how sick that is.   Think about being a Jewish concentration camp survivor who criticizes the Trump Administration or votes for a Democrat.  Then picture Ben Shapiro telling you that “you’re not a real Jew” because you did that. 

Think of how absolutely sick and brainwashed you would have to be to say something like that about a Holocaust Survivor.

That is how powerful and dangerous Nazi propaganda is.  Nazism demands that you equate your Political Ideology with your Religious Faith.  It demands that you see your religious Faith as being “under attack”. It demands that you support that kind of culture.

It explains why historians often describe Hitler’s rallies as having a “religious fervor”.   The reason was simple: his supporters firmly believed that he was appointed by God to save Germany, save their culture, and save their religion.

So, under Economic Nationalism, rest assured, you are going to get a new job.  Your wages are going to go up.  There may, indeed, be some new roads and bridges.  There may even be another war.

But when you hear about a little girl dying of sickness inside of an ICE facility at the U.S. border and your very, very first thought is “I’m sick of people lying to me about what’s going on down there” or “The people in these other countries need to take care of their own people!” or  “They’re forcing us to accept them and their way of life!” just know…just know that they got to you. Just know that what you’re supporting is no longer about “the Economy”.  It’s no longer about “Border Security”.  It’s no longer about “Freedom”. 

It’s about buying into a culture.  It’s about believing something even when your conscience tells you that it is wrong. Because that’s what you really signed up for.  To you, maybe it doesn’t matter that some little girl a hundred miles away drowned. Pundits might be telling you the little girl was the child of a gang member, or the child of a Muslim terrorist. Or you might think that it is very sad, but that it is also not really your responsibility and that you didn’t have any control over it.

And that would have been true. It would have been true except for one thing: you did have control. You live in a Democracy. You had a choice. And you chose to side with the people who told you that you will get a job, and earn more money, but only if you agree to view illegal immigrants as our enemies, say that they are attacking America, and not to question or criticize our government about how these people died.

That is the difference. That is the difference between “Fiscal Conservatism” and “Economic Nationalism”.

You still don’t believe me? Last exercise: picture you or your family sustaining an injury because of a flaw in a policy under the current Administration. It doesn’t even need to be fatal. Let’s say a flaw in a policy cost you and your family a thousand dollars. Now picture yourself asking the White House Press Secretary how the mistake happened and how they’re going to fix it. What do you think that person is going to say to you?

You guessed it: “Fake News”.

And if there is a crowd of a hundred, even a thousand Trump supporters nearby? What do you think they’re going to start chanting? You guessed it: “Fake News”.

And if you continue to insist that you are right and they are wrong? Guess what they’re going to call you: a “Liar”. A “Leftist”. A “Cultural Marxist”. An “Enemy of the People”.

Again: it works the same in every country.

Economic Nationalism is not an economic policy. It is a cultural policy.

That’s how you got your job.

That’s what you signed up for.

That’s who you are now.

That’s what you really stand for.

That’s what you really believe in.

That is the culture you have chosen.

That’s whose side you’re on.

And the rest of us?  Those who remember history?  We aren’t going to let you turn your back on atrocities this time.  We don’t care how patriotic you might feel, because your feelings aren’t the same as knowing what happened the last time. We won’t let you turn your back on people being loaded onto buses or trains.  We won’t let you pull the trigger.

And we won’t listen to you when you come crying to us after the culture you’ve chosen bites you in the ass.

There is no “meeting in the middle”.

My grandfather fought at Normandy in World War II.  He taught me what it means to be a true patriot.

There used to be two sides in this country.

There is only one side now.

Published by Thomas Paine

I'm the Father of the American Revolution and I can't stand "revealed religion".

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  1. Please correct the word ‘Lebenstraum’ to ‘Lebensraum’. ‘Traum’ means ‘dream’. ‘Raum’ means ‘space’.


  2. It’s false to suggest the GOP made a sudden shift. The establishment has been doing this for a very long time. They TALK fiscal conservatism, but they don’t practice it. There are few that actually practice it. It’s not new. We don’t need to pretend like it is. The establishment (and populists) act like tax and spend democrats when it suits them.

    When Dems are back in more power, they’ll go back to talking/voting more fiscally conservative, when it won’t do any good.


  3. My great-uncle was a Jew born in Hungary who died fighting for the U.S. and the Allies at Normandy. All his brothers fought for the U.S. in the War as well, and so did my grandfather, who married my great-uncle’s sister. They were all lifelong Democrats. Their closest relatives only managed to avoid Auschwitz due to the righteousness of some gentiles in Budapest who gave them a sanctuary for the duration of the Nazi occupation. Ben Shapiro, Steve Miller, and other modern-day kapos make me sick, and they make almost every Jew in the country just as sick.


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