MYTH #21: “Ben Shapiro makes some REALLY Good Points!”

No. No he doesn’t. And I’ll explain exactly why. In a previous post, I explained what Ben Shapiro does to perform his rhetorical magic tricks. Here, I’ll explain how he does it and provide some detailed examples. After all, I alluded to a “cavalcade of examples” in a previous post as to how Ben Shapiro’s [...]

MYTH #20 – “Liberals Are Brainwashing People Into Thinking White Privilege Exists”

This is, by far, the most fundamental and essential point of contention between Conservatives and Liberals. It cuts to the heart of our Republic. It questions the very foundations of our country, specifically the assumption that America’s economic and political structure is a “Meritocracy.” A Meritocracy means: the harder you work, and the more useful [...]

MYTH #19: “Focus On What He’s Done For Our Country, Not On What He Says”

This presupposes that words carry no meaning, provide no context, and have no value.  It is a distortion of what would otherwise be a sensible assertion: “Actions speak louder than words.”  Sure. But that, of course, depends upon a little thing called “context”. You don't believe me? Okay. Here: picture an action. For our sake, picture a kind and noble action.  Let’s say [...]

Myth #18 – “Christians Are The Most Persecuted Religion In The World”

This myth is among the more infuriating myths fastidiously peddled by today’s Right Wing.  It is particularly frustrating to hear because the perpetuation of this myth is prompting otherwise peaceful, kind, congenial fellow Americans to become trenchant and militant.  This, in anticipation of a coming attack on their friends and family by rabid, militant secularists, [...]

Myth #17: “Masculinity Is Under Attack!”

This myth is probably, by far, the easiest one to kill. The number of violent acts performed in TV and Film (the majority of which are performed by male characters) has doubled since 1950. According to the American Psychiatric Association, violent video games have been proven to increase aggressive thoughts and behavior in the games’ [...]

Myth #16: “Ben Shapiro Is A Masterful Debater”

Of all the myths killed so far, this one admittedly requires a somewhat finer cut, a scalpel instead of an axe. Ben Shapiro is not a master of the art of debate. Ben Shapiro is a master of being mentored by people who pay him to say things.  They are the ones who give Ben Shapiro his talking [...]

Myth #14: “When Obama did it, you were okay with it.”

Look…here’s the difference between “When Obama did it…” and “When Trump did it…” and I’ll explain it in terms of the famous scene from “Sophie’s Choice”: For those who don’t remember, the Mother (played by Meryl Streep) is approached by a Nazi guard and he tells her that she has to give up one of [...]

Myth #13 – “If We Have To Condemn Far Right Terrorism, Then The Liberals and Democrats Need To Condemn Far Left Terrorism”

A guy shoots up a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and says he did it for Donald Trump, to protect White America from extinction, and because White People are superior.  Therefore any decent American should condemn this as an act of terrorism, correct?   Yes.  We agree. A guy shoots up a bar in Dayton, Ohio [...]

Myth #12 – “Liberals Are Coming To Take Your Guns Away!”

You have a God-given, inalienable Right to own a firearm, correct? If you’re a diehard, pro-2nd Amendment, God-given-rights supporting American, then you and I are in total agreement.   You have an inalienable Right to those things.  You have the inalienable Right to bear arms.  Good?  Good. Now…here is something our Founding Fathers wrote that you’ll [...]

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