For a guy who spouted the bromide “Politics is downstream of Culture”, he and his disciples have expended more time, money and energy trying to control culture through politics than nearly anyone in recent memory.  Alarmingly, these efforts continue to poison the root of what allows America to flourish and maintain its humanity: our country’s noble and explicit commitment to secularism and egalitarianism.

The People are not required to be God-fearing.  Therefore, politicians have no business telling The People that they must be God-fearing.  This is a secular idea.

The People are not required to pay tithes to churches and corporations.  Therefore, the politicians have no business telling The People to pay taxes to prop up religious institutions and corporations.  This is both a secular and an egalitarian idea.

The People are not required to sustain an Aristocracy.  Therefore, the politicians have no business working to preserve the interests of an Aristocracy by allowing money into politics, encouraging massive conglomerates, and providing lavish taxpayer-funded bailouts.  This is an egalitarian idea.

The Far Right in America not only champions the idea of compelling The People to serve both the Church and The Aristocracy, but it does so by wielding the Government as a cudgel and, via militant populism, encouraging armed groups to rise up and kill anyone who opposes this power structure.  It is the antithesis of what our Founders intended.

Remember: the term “Left Wing” originated in the French Parliament, where champions of the common, working people literally sat on the Left side of the chamber.

Who sat on the Right side?  The Aristocracy and The Church; the rich, the powerful, and those claiming Moral Superiority because they worshipped the correct god. Again: this was the “Right Wing”.

Even more telling is the means by which Breitbart’s disciples attempt to assert control: by claiming that anyone fighting for equal rights for all Americans (not just for the Aristocracy or The Church) is the one who is “un-American,” “Intolerant of others’ opinions” and “trying to control culture”.

This is the evil of Andrew Breitbart and the evil of the Far Right, their perpetuation of the ultimate lie and the ultimate evil: that the powerless and freethinking are actually the ones who are all-powerful and narrow-minded, and must therefore be crushed. Joseph Goebbels smiles up from hell upon the disciples of Breitbart.

Politics is not downstream of Culture.  It is diametrically opposed to it.  Why? Because Culture cannot thrive without Reason.  And Ideology, whether political or religious, is the death of Reason. 

Far Right Ideology, therefore, is the death of Culture.

Published by Thomas Paine

I'm the Father of the American Revolution and I can't stand "revealed religion".

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